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Powah! (Rearchitected)

Enhance your Minecraft experience with an energy mod featuring new machines, blocks, and mechanics.

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[1.20.1] [1.20.4] [1.20.2] [1.19.2] [1.18.2] [1.19.1]

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Power up your Minecraft experience with Powah! (Rearchitected) - the ultimate energy mod for Minecraft 1.18 and beyond. Originally created by owmii for Forge 1.14-1.16, this mod has been revitalized and brought to the latest versions of Minecraft.

With a focus on energy generation, Powah! introduces a variety of new machines and blocks to help you harness the power of the world around you. From Furnators and Magmators to Solar Panels and Thermo Generators, there are plenty of ways to generate energy in your world.

But that's not all - Powah! also introduces unique mechanics such as the upgradable Ender Network, Player Transmitters, and the Energizing crafting system. Plus, you'll find a range of cool gadgets and items like the Charged Snowball to enhance your gameplay.

Join the AE2 Discord server to discuss Powah! and stay up to date with the latest updates and tweaks. Requires Architectury API and Cloth Config (Fabric API on Fabric).

Get ready to power up your world with Powah! (Rearchitected) - the energy mod that will take your Minecraft adventure to the next level.

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Завантажити Powah! (Rearchitected) 1.20.1
Powah-5.0.5.jar Forge 1.20.1
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Powah-5.4.0-beta.jar Forge 1.20.4
Завантажити Powah! (Rearchitected) 1.20.2
Powah-5.1.0-alpha.jar Forge 1.20.2
Завантажити Powah! (Rearchitected) 1.19.2
Powah-4.0.11.jar Forge 1.19.2
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Powah-3.0.8.jar Forge 1.18.2
Завантажити Powah! (Rearchitected) 1.19.1
Powah-4.0.1-alpha.jar Forge 1.19.1